The truth about SizeGenetics capabilities

SizeGenetics is a very prestigious extender classified as Type 1 Medical Device and with the CE certification so it can be distributed with all the guarantees in the European Community. This device can be easily used providing permanent results in a very short period of time.

The science behind SizeGenetics male enhancement device

Materials used in SizeGenetics components have been clinically tested by a specialized health professional team. The stretcher has the support of doctors from about 26 countries, who are already recommending it. The male enhancement device employs a method based on the medical principle of traction. The stimulation produced by the technique is gradually and progressively carried out on the male sexual organ, achieving a growth of the tissues.

Historically, the capacity of the body to adapt itself to tension has been proven by many cultures. The principle of traction is based on the method of tensile force and the ability of tissues to adapt to the influence exerted on them. As a result, tissues begin to grow, enlarging the proportions of the corpora cavernosa and facilitating the storage of more blood during the erection. The development of the suspensory ligament, the columns of the erectile tissue and the rest of penile tissues is stimulated through this process.

This technique is applied in tissue expansion in plastic surgery, which generates skin to cover cutaneous defects, burns or areas of baldness. It is also used for the elongation of bonny shaft or limbs and phalanges. Ancestral cultures and tribes performed this method to increase the size of different parts of the body. For example, women of the paduang tribe of Burma (female giraffe) increase the length of their neck. People of African or Amazonian tribes use prostheses or weights to lengthen their lips and ears.

Does it really work and which are the benefits provided by it?

SizeGenetics device is constituted by a plastic ring which is connected to two metallic and dynamic rods. A placed a plastic holder with a silicone rubber is placed on them and is used to hold the glans. You can put or remove the extender by yourself, and it can be discreetly used under your clothes, when you walk or when you sit.

The male enhancer should be placed when the penis is flaccid, and it should be worn between 4 and 9 hours a day. Take a break whenever you want. Enjoy an average growth of a half a centimeter per month, a permanent and accumulative result. The treatment should be followed for 4 to 6 months, depending on the outcome you desire. At the end of this period your sexual life will be considerably improved.

The benefits provided by SizeGenetics male enlargement device include an increment of the length of the penis of around 4 centimeters. The girth of the male sexual organ is also increased in about 1 centimeter. The penis curvature is one of the most frequent anomalies responsible for the reduction of the size of manhood. This ailment is known the Pyronie syndrome. Sometimes the curvature can be so severe that it can affect penetration. SizeGenetics system fights against these issues by correcting the curvature of the penis in around 40%.

The main goal of this treatment is to increase your self-confidence enhancing your sexual desire and your sexual response during intercourse. On each encounter you won’t have to worry about size anymore, just please your partner and give her the best time of her life. Obtain a healthy and natural tissue growth with this device, since it cooperates with your body. This treatment is 100% safe and free from side effects as long as the instructions are carefully followed.

SizeGenetics combines the system with a pack of free exercises intended to assist you to control your ejaculation and work strengthening penile tissues. Harder erections and manhood enhancement are literally at the push of a button. Order your SizeGenetics extender device and make women have obsessive thoughts about you all the time.