SizeGenetics components

From the most rudimentary items – rocks and sticks – to the most recent technology, the history of male enhancement is quite impressive. In current days, guys who aim to get a bigger dick are no longer forced to go under the knife. Although the surgical procedure isn’t banned, studies prove that it isn’t necessary, either. You can obtain the same results and even more benefits when you get SizeGenetics and wear this medical type one device as recommended.

About the #1 penile extender

SizeGenetics was designed by a professional team of Danish and American scientists. The specialist doctors created it initially as a medical device that would hold the penile straight after surgery. Although it was developed to promote the healing process in patients who undergo phalloplasty, the clinical tests proved that just using it will encourage penis growth. New cells will grow, and penis curvatures will be eliminated.

Because it enlarges the penile length and width, while it also treats erectile dysfunction, SizeGenetics is often referred to as the number one penis extender. It is manufactured with high-quality components that resist to wear and tear. Moreover, it comes with so many pieces, that it enables 58 different ways to wear it. Therefore, we can say it’s the most comfortable male enlargement method, too.

It exerts a powerful force of 2,800 grams. It fits perfectly to your size, and it will not cause any pain or injuries. Other penis stretching devices can barely exert half of this strength! Moreover, the cheap or fake extenders will cause side effects and other unwanted consequences. Because SizeGenetics is manufactured with UNIQUE 3M advanced comfort plasters and elongation bars of various dimensions, it will adjust to your size perfectly.

The components of the medical type one device

Order your penile extender from SizeGenetics official store and the package delivered contains all the elements you need to promote penis length at home. It has an official medical device certificate and even since their launch on the market – over 20 years ago – numerous doctors have recommended it to their patients.

SizeGenetics parts are of the highest quality. They are produced of medical grade materials that do not rust or bend. Moreover, each of these components were medically and clinically tested so they would increase the penis size by inches. Follow the treatment diligently, wear the stretcher each day for several hours, and don’t stop until you fulfill your dream.

It will take 4-6 months to obtain the male enhancement desired. But it’s natural and free from side effects. The components will not irritate you, and the device will not lead to disfigurement. Only the most recent technology was used to manufacture SizeGenetics stretching device, and the results will not disappoint you.

How SizeGenetics components work

Use two rings to attach this medical device to your manhood. Take the elongation bars that fit your size – you will receive several in your package. Use the comfort pad and strap to make sure it’s convenient, yet it exerts a mild force. Don’t stretch too much and remember to take things slow. In the first few days, wear the stretcher only for a couple of hours. Gradually, increase the strength and duration of wearing. It’s easy, you’ll see. But how will it work to give you the results promised?

First of all, comfort is one of the most significant aspects when we discuss male enhancement. None of other penile stretchers can enable something similar to this 58-way comfort system. Then, the force implied is pretty impressive. 2,800 grams of strength will straighten the penile and accelerate the blood circulation to the reproductive area. The consequence? Improved sexual performance and better sex.

Your penis size will not enhance overnight. But you will observe the positive effects even from the first few days of treatment. More specifically, in the first few weeks, you will notice how the elongation bars help straighten the manhood. Then, the blood flow is increased and you are more aroused than usually. Day by day, you perform better in bed, and the occasional episodes of premature ejaculation slowly disappear.

After one or two months of using the SizeGenetics parts, you forget about erectile dysfunction. You already notice that your organ is bigger, in both flaccid and erect state. You and your partner are delighted with these results. And in case you decide to stop using the stretcher, the benefits obtained will not go away. In other words, these amazing results are permanent!

What if the parts break?

That’s impossible. The experts have undertaken thorough tests and trials before releasing SizeGenetics device on the market. The force that it applies is completely harmful to the manhood, and the components will resist to wear and tear. However, if you are not happy with how it works or how you feel when you use it, you can get your money back.

It sounds incredible, right? You can try this medical type one device for four months. You will receive an 180-day money back guarantee together with the insurance that these stretcher’s parts will work impeccably. Follow the instructions mentioned on the DVD, read the e-books to learn how to make sex better and remember to use the device cleaning wipes after every use.

What does the package contain?

Each time when you have to increase the strength, use the spare parts to adjust the device. Apply some of the Traction Plus Powder for a better grip and when you take it off hydrate your penile with Revita Cream Aftercare Moisturiser. Whenever you need help with your treatment, contact the experts from PenisHealth Online Instant Access. And if you are concerned about the shipping, rest assured that it will come at your address in a discreet package.

Herbal pills and penile surgery are a complete waste of time and money. They might work, but they come with side effects, and they certainly don’t meet all of your expectations. Order SizeGenetics from the official representative and use the components properly to obtain the male enhancement desired!