Safest alternatives to penile surgery

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SizeGenetics: the best among the safest alternatives to penile surgery

Around 90% of the male population has a male sexual organ with a regular size. However, most of them are looking for an effective way to improve their manhood. For that reason, numerous proposals have emerged that promise to increase penis proportions, but, as expected, most of them do not work or produce deficient results.

Penile surgery, for instance, has provided an outcome that is hardly in line with the expectations of the person. It is a very expensive procedure and is followed by a painful recovery. In many cases, it has left negative aftermath like the incapacity of having an erection. It is because the technique requires the sectioning of suspensory ligaments to enlarge the organ. If the mentioned practice is not carefully made, the penile tissues are damaged. In the end, the result is worst and undermines the self-esteem of the individual.

There are safer options like pills and topical products. However, they have to be used for a very long time and sometimes they need to be combined with other treatments to show some effects. SizeGenetics professionals have successfully developed a solution that is the outcome of years of hard work and scientific research.

The primary goal of this system is to stimulate the development of the tissues of the shaft of the penis through the traction principle. If any part of the body is under constant tension, the cells begin to multiply, as a result providing an increment of the proportions of the affected area. This technique was widely used by native people of ancient tribes. Doctor Jorn Ege Siana employed this method to design the technology behind SizeGenetics device.

The size of the male sexual organ is limited by the capacity of corpora cavernosa. These compartments widen and lengthen when blood enters inside them. The extender exerts a symmetrical and constant tensile force on the male member. In this way, it boosts the growth of the suspensory ligament and the penile structure. Consequently, the genital tissues are capable of storing more blood. As a result, you will enjoy a significant permanent enhancement of your penis size and harder and lasting erections.

Natural male enhancement with a high-quality resource

SizeGenetics male enhancer is very comfortable because it incorporates patented ergonomic technology. It allows you to place your sexual organ in a normal position and adjust the device to it. This system is 100% safe since it complies with the requirements for minimum security standards, guaranteeing you proven results, free from pain and side effects. Thousands of men are already taking control of their sexual life and enjoying the benefits provided by this treatment.

You can use this extender at any moment. The number of hours of use combined with the traction applied by the mechanism will determine the outcome. It is the only system for penis enlargement without surgery that has documented results and is endorsed by prestigious physicians around the world. Order your SizeGenetics device from the official website and increase the intensity of each sexual encounter.