How to cure erectile dysfunction naturally with SizeGenetics

Erectile dysfunction is the incapacity to reach or maintain an erection, a real nightmare that affects about 20% of male population. SizeGenetics male enhancement device has been designed with a revolutionary technology. It provides an adequate treatment for male impotence and other concerns that are decreasing the levels of satisfaction of your sexual life.

How to cure erectile dysfunction by treating the cause

Erection is triggered by a complex neurovascular mechanism, in which a sexual stimulus activates a parasympathetic response of the pelvic nerves. As a result, the smooth muscle of the corpora cavernosa relaxes, and the arterial system of the male member dilates. The blood fills the cavernous spaces, and given the restriction of the venous drainage, the sexual organ becomes erected.

Internal pudendal artery plays a fundamental role on the described process. Ischemic lesions on this tissue are much more frequent in patients with erectile dysfunction, and they prevent an optimal blood flow inside the structure of the penis. Whether the mentioned lacerations are caused by ailments like cholesterol or diabetes, they require an effective cure.

SizeGenetics device is a non-invasive treatment that works directly on the structure of the penis through the application of constant and progressive tensile forces. It is a timeworn technique used by ancient cultures, and currently in some tribal populations, to lengthen different parts of the body. It has been studied in depth by Doctor Jorn Ege Siana, a respected physician of Denmark. This method encourages the production of new and healthy cells on the genital structure.

Therefore, any lesion is regenerated through a natural process. The arterial blood rich in oxygen flows into the corpora cavernosa, nourishing the vessels and training the smooth muscle. Subsequently, the transformation of structural tissue into non-elastic connective tissue is prevented, helping to treat another ailment known as Peyronie disease. As a result, the length and girth of the penis are increased and erectile function is considerably improved.

Peyronie syndrome is another trigger for erectile dysfunction and it occurs when a scar is developed in the corpora cavernosa or the tunica albuginea that surrounds them. The area affected by the fibrosis loses elasticity in a way that it cannot be stretched when the anatomic structure is filled with blood. Consequently, the penis bends towards the direction of the cicatrice. It can emerge as a result of a lesion during sexual intercourse.

This disease is painful and prevents the individual from having an erection. It has a progressive evolution. In time the curvature increases, while the size of the male genital reduces. Depending on the severity of the condition, it can decrease the rigidity of the penis. In many cases, the mentioned syndrome makes vaginal penetration impossible. Through the traction technique, SizeGenetics device corrects the penile curvature in around 55%, gradually restoring an optimal sexual performance.

Sexual Medicine journal has published a research that explains the effectiveness of SizeGenetics extender for the acute phase of the Peyronie disease. The investigation explains how this treatment reduces the pain attributed to the condition while it also improves erectile response.

SizeGenetics device boosts your sexual performance

SizeGenetics device has been designed taking into account the comfort of the user. It can be easily adapted to the male genital and discreetly used at any time. Results collected by an impartial clinic revealed that men who used this extender achieved a growth of 25% after finishing the treatment. Some cases experienced an increment of 40%. These reports were published in reputable medical journals.

18 men participated voluntarily in the study. Their penis gained an average length increment of 2.9 centimeters after 1200 hours with 1300 grams of pulling force. The development observed in the flaccid state was 1.85 centimeters. A growth of 1.87 millimeters was documented every week. The volunteers are satisfied with the results since they are permanent and there were no complications.

You can naturally enhance your sexual performance and forget about any concern by ordering your extender from SizeGenetics store. You will receive an instructive manual with the device that will help you to get the maximum benefits of this effective system.