How does SizeGenetics work?

Men of all ages and from all over the world want to improve their sexual performances. Let’s be honest, guys! Who wouldn’t want to last longer in bed? And, truth be told, wouldn’t you want an extra inch to your manhood? Now you can have all of these with SizeGenetics. Try this penis stretcher for free, and you will soon accomplish the results desired!

Does it really work?

Why is it the best penis extender? Let’s hear first the story behind its development. The male patients who underwent penile surgery had to wear a device that would hold their manhood straight, to stimulate a healthy recovery. Soon, the clinical tests revealed that SizeGenetics – this device designed by a team of Danish and American scientists – can increase the penis size even in guys who did not go under the knife.

It was a big moment for the SizeGenetics team. Dozens of doctors recommend it now to men who want to obtain male enhancement. It sounds incredible, but the manufacturers of this popular male stretcher gained 20 years on the market! So, it’s not actually a surprise that it really delivers the benefits expected. But here’s how it works.

The package ordered contains the device with enough SizeGenetics parts to enable not less than 58 different ways to wear it. It means that the extender is the most comfortable on the market. Take the bars and rings. Assemble the device and attach the rings at the base and tip of your dick. Use the elongation bars to stretch the penis, and be careful not to use a force that is too strong.

In the beginning, you have to wear the medical type one device for only a couple of hours daily. Increase the strength gradually, and you will see with the naked eye that SizeGenetics really works. It will accelerate the blood circulation in the penile tissues. As a consequence, the healing process is promoted. But the most important feature of this product is the force it exerts on your dick. 2,800 grams of tension will lead to the appearance of micro tears in penile shaft and the development of new cells. Therefore, you will gain several centimeters in penis length and girth.

Results you will achieve with SizeGenetics

Centuries ago, males who wanted to make their dick bigger would hang some rocks to their manhood. In our current era, this technique was re-invented, and some guys still use weights to elongate their penile. However, because the results aren’t quite satisfactory, the experts looked for new ways to encourage the growth of the sex organ. And they came up with SizeGenetics, this device that will give you inches if you use it correctly.

But you will win more than that. Because it repairs the tissues and it floods Corpus Cavernosa with more blood than usually, this male extender will treat erectile dysfunction and even eliminate the occasional episodes of premature ejaculation. You will gain a better control of the releasing moment and increase the stamina levels naturally. Moreover, the extender straightens the sexual organ and allows you to enjoy better sex.

More important is that you will achieve the male enhancement desired without harming your health. What does it mean? You will not experience any adverse effects. The truth is that this medical type one device promotes the health of the reproductive system and, as stated by the majority of the consumer reviews, you will also enhance the sexual functions.

4 Ways how to improve male sexual performance

1. Medication

It’s always tempting to just swallow a pill and wait for its magical effects. But it sure isn’t a story with a happy ending. You cannot expect for wonders after ingesting a capsule – whether it’s made of organic compounds or chemical substances. Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, or pills with herbal ingredients will boost your sex drive and alleviate the erectile issues. However, the effects of these oral treatments are only temporary.

2. Quality medical devices

When you aim for longer-lasting, permanent results, you ought to change things at a cellular level. And because SizeGenetics creates micro tears and floods the penile tissues with large amounts of blood, you will succeed to improve the sexual performance permanently.

3. Diet

Some guys believe that they can eat their way to better sex. That’s right, certain foods are rich in compounds that help you relax and increase the libido. But imagine how much of it should you eat to get the benefits desired! Items such as celery, oysters, watermelon, figs, strawberries, red wine, dark chocolate, ginseng, and gingko biloba are known for improving the sexual powers. Though, you have to consume them regularly to become a stud in bed.

4. Accupuncture and alternative "cures"

Acupuncture is believed to cure erectile dysfunction. But are you willing to let needles banish impotence? If you’re ok with the idea, here’s how acupuncture works. It will promote the blood flow, reduce stress, and relax the muscles, so erectile functions are enhanced. Although it will assist you to perform better in bed, acupuncture will not stimulate the penis enlargement desired. If you want all of these, SizeGenetics is your best ally.

When to use SizeGenetics

This treatment really functions and delivers the results expected. But you must keep in mind that healing takes time. Furthermore, the penile does not grow overnight. There are no shortcuts! SizeGenetics works, but you have to use the device diligently for several months in a row. Start wearing it when you’re convinced that you want to improve the quality of your life. Increase the strength gradually and don’t force the penile growth.

Enhance your overall health! Lose some weight, eat healthily, and be active. That’s the secret of a long and happy life. It’s also the key to better sex! If you order the stretcher from SizeGenetics official website, you will also boost your self-esteem. You will get rid of the erectile problems, and you will convince yourself that this medical device truly works. The best news? If you are not happy with the results obtained, you will get your money back. Try SizeGenetics for four months and enhance penis size at home!