Before and after SizeGenetics – Is this device safe?

SizeGenetics is an innovative and effective medical device specially designed to enhance male sexual performance through the improvement of penis size. It has been made with high quality materials in order to ensure optimal results guaranteeing the safety of the consumer.

Before and after SizeGenetics: enjoy a new and satisfying sexual life

SizeGenetics naturally boosts length and girth of male sexual organ. It constitutes the most complete system available for penile enlargement. The product has the support of health professionals, urologists and satisfied users around the world. A scientific team behind SizeGenetics works diligently to fulfill the needs of a man who wants to enhance his virility and enjoy pleasing sexual encounters.

A man that feels comfortable enough with his manhood experiences a considerable rise on sexual desire and stamina. Intercourse becomes more intense, and the individual gets to have harder and lasting erections. These are just some of the benefits provided by the efficiency of SizeGenetics system.

The method employed with the extender is based on the traction principle. Two parallel structures made of erectile tissue constitute the main components of manhood. Known as corpora cavernosa, these components expand to their maximum size in order to store the blood that flows toward the penis to produce an erection. They are very similar to a sponge. Consequently, when the mentioned tissues are constantly stretched, the size of their porous cells is increased so they can adapt to the traction effect. As a result, their capacity to store blood is enhanced producing an increased length and girth of dick.

SizeGenetics extender does not only boost penis size, it also improves sexual response during intercourse. The treatment provides assistance in the case of malformations like Peyronie syndrome. It is a comfortable and healthy alternative to surgical procedures. Since the extender is used externally, it does not leave infections, scars or any kind of side effects like surgeries. You can gain a permanent and noticeable increment of thickness and length of the male organ.

Natural techniques for penis enlargement employed by the extender promote an average growth of two inches of length and half an inch of girth after just 3 months of treatment. After 6 months using the device, your male sexual organ will gain around three inches of length.

Is this device safe and how should I use it?

SizeGenetics male enhancement system is endorsed by prestigious urologists and specialized doctors from all over the world. The device is approved by health authorities of the European Union and is registered in the Ministry of Health of many countries. Clinical studies confirm its effectiveness both in terms of male enlargement and the cure of Peyronie syndrome.

SizeGenetics treatment exerts painless traction on male sexual organ. It is a fully adjustable device employed to increase the strength of the penile structure. Employing a patented and exclusive system, the extender can be easily adjusted to your sexual organ. As a result, you can place your penis in a natural position and avoid possible pain. This device has a multifunctional locking scheme that greatly increases the comfort during the treatment. In that way, the main muscle of the penis, the corpora cavernosa, is stretched and expanded over the time.

When you purchase your extender from the official website, you will also receive an instructive manual in several languages. It will help you to easily understand how the device should be used. Start by using it four hours every day, and as your body gets used to it, you can increase the amount of time. Reawaken the passion and intensity on your love life and enhance your manhood naturally and safely by ordering the effective SizeGenetics penis enhancer.