About us

20 years of experience endorses the quality of the products developed by SizeGenetics. The technology behind this innovative stretcher was designed in 1994 by Doctor Jorn E. Sianna. The primary goal at that time was to correct the penile curvature and help to ease the discomfort suffered by men affected by Peyronie syndrome. This reputable specialist from Denmark realized that the mechanism was able to correct the malformation and to stimulate the development of new tissue on the sexual organ.

About the best penis stretcher

SizeGenetics extender provides an average increment of 27% of the penile length and 21% of its girth. These reports called the attention of researchers that decided to explore with greater depth the efficacy of this technique. One case of study involved the participation of 50 volunteers who used the device for 6 months. They experienced a growth of around 2.8 centimeters in penis length when in the erect state.

Another research made with SizeGenetics traction device includes the participation of 20 individuals with ages ranging from 22 to 50 years. They had an average erectile function and did not have any surgical intervention on the genital area. During the first couple of weeks, a tensile force of 950 g. was applied to their sexual organs. It was gradually enhanced until it reached a level of 1200 g. of traction.

They used the stretcher for 10 hours a day. At the end of the study, physicians observed an average increment of 1.3 inches after 1000 hrs. of treatment. These men experienced a considerable enhancement in their sexual performance. All of them were capable of maintaining an erection long enough to enjoy each amatory encounter.

Performances we were able to witness throughout time have determined us to follow the innovations and promote on Sizegeneticscenter.com their success to everyone else. We are more than happy to partner with the manufacturer, and hopefully hundreds, if not thousands of men, will take advantage.

Trust us and use SizeGenetics

When you order this system from SizeGenetics store, you get a 6-month guarantee. It means that you can test the device and, if you are not pleased with the results, you can return it and have a refund. The company offers this feature because the technicians and physicians behind this technology are fully confident in the efficacy of their product. The gratifying support of the scientific community and satisfied consumers validate this fact.