SizeGenetics – A penis enhancer that really works

Let’s make things straight. If there would be a miracle pill that would increase penis size overnight, all men will rush into getting one. Or two! Because honestly, no one is happy with what God gave them. For centuries, the male population had strived to find a male enhancement method that actually works. And they really tried hard, considering the strange things they have done to make their dream come true. But now you have SizeGenetics. Here’s everything you need to know about this amazing penis stretcher and how it can elongate the size of your manhood.

How can you add inches to your penis size?

It’s not hard to imagine why men would want a few centimeters more. But are you willing to sacrifice your health for it? You can choose between options that are more or less natural. Or invasive. Honestly, not all of them will actually work. And if some of them will increase the size of your dick, others will eliminate premature ejaculation and even treat the erectile dysfunction.

Many manufacturers sell supplements or products that promise you the male enhancement desired. But like I mentioned, this term is quite vague. Most pills are made to promote the sexual performances. What about the devices and penis stretchers? Well, they elongate your penile. Things are much more complicated when it comes to surgery. This procedure can enhance the girth or length of the dick. Don’t fall for it! The side effects of phalloplasty are downright scary.

Would you hang some weights to your organ? I don’t think so! It’s certainly a surprise that some men really tried it. And you know what? They came to regret this decision. Working out the manhood with weights is dangerous. Why? Listen to me when I say that nerve injuries and broken blood vessels are only some of the unwanted consequences.

It is the reason why a team of Swedish and Danish doctors and scientists has designed SizeGenetics. It will improve the penile size naturally, without harming your health. It’s actually the reason why dozens of physicians and even surgeons recommend it to their patients! But this penis enlargement device will give you a lot more benefits, as you will soon get to find out.

About SizeGnetics device

It is a medical device that was initially developed to help the healing process in men who undertake penis surgery. The clinical tests have revealed that SizeGenetics does a lot more than just accelerating the repairing of tissues. It exerts a stretching force along the manhood. This pressure will stimulate the expanding of tissues. So, the cells will multiply, triggering the natural enlargement of the male sexual organ.

They gained now an extensive experience of 20 years. Thousands of satisfied customers testify the efficacy of SizeGenetics. You just adjust this medical device to the penile shaft and wear it for several hours a day. After a few days, you notice the benefits. But if you wear is as recommended, for a few months, you will enjoy maximum results. What are they?

Improved erectile functions, increased stamina in bed, and several centimeters in the size of your manhood. But the best part comes here: this penis device also straightens your dick! Thus, it turns your sexual experiences into a lot more impressive adventures. Both of you and your partner will be glad for following the treatment with SizeGenetics!

The male sexual organ: Questions and Answers

It is something you ought to understand if you want to know how SizeGenetics works. Considering that boys – and men – rarely speak of their manhood, this information will sure reveal you some fun facts you wish you would have known earlier. When does it grow and what is the exact moment when it stops growing? What is the normal penis size? Can it break? Is masturbation harmful? What is circumcision? Can you make the dick grow when you’re an adult? Let’s take these questions one at a time.

Of course, during puberty. Most boys enter this growing stage between ages 10 and 14. They will start looking more like a man and less like a boy. Their manhood will become wider and longer. However, each one is unique. So, if some guys have their dick grown at full size when they’re 13, others will reach to full potential at the age of 18.

The scrotum and testes will increase in size. The texture of the scrotal skin will change, as well. At approximately 12 years old, the scrotum will become thinner and redder. The increased production of testosterone is responsible for these changes. The brain sends hormone signals to the gonads, so a series of transformations will take place. What else will change? Well, the muscle mass will grow. As a consequence, guys’ bodies will get more muscular and angular. Furthermore, the brain, bones, and skin will grow and transform, too.

It’s a huge concern of guys. When is the dick too small? What happens if it’s curved? Is it… abnormal? The average penis size measures 5.2 inches. As simple as that. When the dick measures less than 2.75 inches in erection, the patient suffers from the “micropenis syndrome.” The statistics show that only 0.6% of the male populations has a penile that is smaller than normal. Regardless, 45% of guys want to increase their manhood. And to be honest, a great percentage will try at least one male enhancement method.

Unfortunately, yes. It is not just an urban legend. The boner can fracture. But since it does not actually contain any bones, this injury cannot be compared to breaking the arm. When the erect manhood sustains some level of force, it can break.

First, let’s see what makes up your male sexual organ. It has three cylindrical tubes. Two of them are larger and known as the corporeal bodies. The third one – the urethra – is located underside of the manhood. When the first two fill up with blood, you have an erection. Think of them as they would be two balloons. The skin that covers them is the tunica albuginea. And when you are aroused, the skin will expand, making your dick very hard and rigid. So, when you accidentally hit it during sex, it will trigger a pressure overload. It’s when the fracture will occur. And the pain is really unbearable.

You know it’s a rupture because you hear the tissue tearing. Then, the erection disappears. It will slowly turn into a black-and-blue bruising, and it will swell. If you also experience blood in the urine, it means that the urethra was damaged, too. What should you do? Well, don’t waste any minute and hit the emergency to minimize the suffering. A surgery procedure is mandatory within maximum three days of the accident. Perhaps you will also develop erectile dysfunction, but there are ways to repair it. And you should consider using SizeGenetics, as it is one of the best male enhancement options on the market.

You already know what a priest will answer this question. Your colleagues will probably laugh when they hear it. But be sure that they all did it. At least once! Masturbation, wet dreams, and morning erections are a normal part of any guy’s life. Even the involuntary boners are something you can’t actually control. However, they occur during puberty. As you will grow older, these episodes will be less frequent.

Masturbation will help you to release the sexual tension. It’s this act when you ejaculate and release the semen from your organ. A study performed by scientists has revealed that over 75% of boys ages 15 and 16 masturbate. No, it does not stunt your growth, and it certainly doesn’t lead to blindness. However, the desire to masturbate should not prevent you from doing other things that you need or want to do. In conclusion, it’s ok as long as you don’t do it excessively.

First of all, SizeGenetics can be used on both circumcised and uncircumcised dicks. But what is circumcision? Allow me to clarify this concern. People have done it for several thousand years already. It was initially a hygienic measure for those who lived in dry, hot, and dusty environments. Then it became a religious ritual. The numbers are almost 35% of men are circumcised.

So, the flap of skin that naturally covers the tip of your manhood is removed through circumcision. Does it mean that their penis size is affected? Be ready to hear the truth: no, circumcision does not influence the growth of the sex organ. And it doesn’t reduce the sensitivity, either. As I already said, the development of the penile relies on the production and release of the hormones. The benefits of circumcision include decreased risk for STDs, increased sexual pleasure, and lowered chances of urinary tract infections.

It really depends on the male enhancement option you use. If you take some herbal pills, they will not give you inches in penile length. But if you will use SizeGenetics traction device for several months in a row, you will achieve the male enhancement desired. Jelqing and Kegel's exercises are not uncommon, either. Men perform these workouts in the comfort of their home, but the research proves that these options will only give you a better control of your muscles and erection.

Because genes and hormones determine the size of your manhood, some experts claim that dicks cannot grow anymore during adulthood. Despite all these, the evidence shows that penis enlargement is more than possible. The type 1 medical device developed by SizeGenetics scientists promotes the expanding of tissues and the development of new cells. As a consequence, the consumers will gain several centimeters in penile length, while the girth will be enhanced, as well.

How SizeGenetics works

This male enlargement product is the most comfortable on the market. It enables 58 different ways to wear it, to ensure maximum comfort and the best results. How does it work? It’s quite simple. When used as instructed, SizeGenetics stretcher offers a massive 2,800 grams of tension. Most of the penis devices can barely exert a pressure of 1,400 grams! Moreover, SizeGenetics is guaranteed to extend your dick efficiently and safely.

The clinical tests proved that this device is 100% safe for the consumers. The doctors who designed it also tested it on several happy volunteers. Even physicians were subjected to the trials! The materials used to obtain it are of the highest quality, so you will not have to purchase any spare parts. Do you want to hear something better? SizeGenetics will start working even from the first days of treatment.

Is this possible? Of course! But don’t apply the most powerful force right since the beginning. Take things slow, step by step. Increase the strength gradually. So, make sure that the stretcher is comfortable to wear, while you also feel the tension. In the first days, SizeGenetics will work by increasing the blood circulation and pumping more blood into the balloons that make up your boner. This improved blood flow will make erections bigger and longer-lasting.

On the long run, the penis extender will alleviate erectile problems and increase the sexual performances. You read that right! You will last more in bed. You will improve the control, and you will be able to release whenever you want. Say goodbye to premature ejaculation! SizeGenetics will help you here, too. But one of the best benefits is that it works wonders throughout the entire time when you will wear it and a long time after you stop using it. No, the results won’t disappear once you cease wearing the male stretching product!

Here’s how it functions on the cellular level. First, imagine how a bodybuilder lifts weights regularly. In time, muscles will grow bigger and stronger, because he will lift more. The endurance will improve, blood will pump into his veins, encouraging the appearance of small micro tears in the tissues and the development of new cells, which will lead to bigger, sculptural muscles. That’s exactly how SizeGenetics works.

The penile, and particularly Corpus Cavernosa, will gradually hold more blood. The erection will become bigger, while the healing process is accelerated. What does it mean? Well, if you have experienced episodes of premature ejaculation or other erectile problems, they will go away. The enhanced blood circulation repairs tissues and cells, and the customers will fulfill their dream of achieving male enhancement right in the comfort of their home.

A fascinating history of male enhancement products

For millennia, men wanted to perform better and get a bigger sexual organ. Before inventing traction devices and penile extenders, they actually put their health at risk with all kinds of products and methods. The weirdest male enhancement options are penis injections with semen from young bulls (they say Hitler used to receive this treatment), penile shots with papaverine, and acupuncture. Some would have considered consuming seal penis, using vacuum pumps, wearing belts with electric shocks, drinking their own urine, hanging rocks to the manhood, and bee stings, among many others.

Some evidence from 1800 shows that men would hold Radium next to their reproductive system to cure erectile dysfunction. Obviously, the side effects soon appeared, and they convinced themselves that this radioactive element isn’t the best option for male enhancement. Bee stings? Well, the substance injected can cause allergies and anaphylactic shock. But in some patients, it leads to the swelling of the local area. Your penis might get bigger temporarily, but are you willing to suffer all this pain?

Let me clarify some things regarding the vacuum pumps. The manufacturers of these torturing devices promised that your penis or breasts would get bigger if you use the product correctly. But the proof shows something different. Apart from increasing the risk of blood vessel injuries and bruising, these vacuum pumps can also damage your nerves and affect the sensitivity of the tissues.

Can you actually get a hard-rock erection if you hang some rocks to the tip of your dick? Most probably not. You know why? Yes, it will seem to be longer, and only in the flaccid state. But, in the end, you can suffer several injuries and lose the ability to use your penis. And that would be the opposite of what you wish to accomplish.

When humans noticed that they could control electricity, they wanted to use it to treat a wide variety of ailments. Somewhere between 1890 and 1920, some inventors came up with these belts that would send small electric shocks to a coil wrapped around the sexual organ. It is incredible, but the product was quite popular back in those days! You just bought it and used it at home. A small battery powered the belt. But men had to wear it for long periods of time, to boost the libido before intercourse and even to promote the overall potency. Thankfully, they ditch it around 1920.

Injections with semen from bulls, eating penises of various animals, or drinking urine – the idea alone is repulsive. They sure are some of the strangest things that men did to elevate their sexual functions. But do they really work, or is the effort in vain? One thing I can guarantee you is that you will be disappointed if you try them. Apart from being disgusted, you will also regret that the effects are far from satisfying. So, you’d better keep away. If you really want to become better in bed, SizeGenetics is the safest method.

SizeGenetics effects

Listen to me when I say that you will not experience any side effects. Thousands of consumer reviews testify the safety of SizeGenetics device. This medical product will elevate your sexual powers and treat the erectile dysfunction. So, whether you aim to increase the penile length and girth, or improve the sex drive, this is the right choice for you.

You will enjoy the amazing benefits right from the first days of wearing it. Do you know why doctors recommend it? The increased blood flow will make you feel aroused all the time. Your libido will be higher than before, and your partner will definitely notice. But, on the long run, you will become more confident. You will perform more and better, which will certainly reflect on your self-esteem. Moreover, the size of your manhood will get bigger, while the health of your reproductive system is promoted.

There were zero negative effects reported. It sounds too good to be true, but it’s a fact. If other male enhancement options are risky and can lead to the loss of sensitivity in your penile, SizeGenetics is 100% safe and secure. Wear it accordingly to the instructions received in your package, and it’s a guarantee that you will accomplish the results desired without experiencing any unwanted consequences.

Zero pain, no headaches, and no allergy symptoms. Pills such as Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis can cause these adverse effects. Your face can turn red, you will probably be affected by headaches, and you could get painful erections. Vacuum pumps are voluminous and uncomfortable to wear. Plus, they can harm your penile and the ability to use it. So, if you really want to get a bigger dick naturally and safely, order SizeGenetics from the official website.

SizeGenetics components

The experts have undertaken thorough research to determine the best materials for this medical type 1 device. They wanted to use the highest quality, which will resist to tear and wear. Additionally, they used MDA Technology to ensure maximum comfort. The SizeGenetics parts will not break, regardless of how and when you will wear the product. You will never need to buy any spare parts!

Not all penile extenders are as safe or solid as SizeGenetics. But with this device, you know for sure that you will not injury your sex organ. Every single product and component were carefully tested for quality before they were allowed to be sold. Do you need some extra guarantees? Numerous doctors have endorsed SizeGenetics. Specialists in plastic surgery and urologists recommend this medical product to men who aim to promote their sexual functions. Do you consider penile surgery? Discuss this topic with your doctor, and they will certainly advise you to use this traction device.

An important fact you should consider is the place where it was manufactured. SizeGenetics components are produced and assembled in USA and Denmark. And you know that other inferior stretchers are made in China! Moreover, our device exerts a massive traction tension of 2,800 grams, while other products can barely offer half of this force. Thus, no wonder that it is a registered medical type one device that obtained the approval of FDA. It can even straighten penile curvatures and eliminate Peyronie’s Disease!

Symptoms and treatment of Peyronie’s Disease

How do you know that you have it? And how did it appear? Doctors tell us that they don’t know for sure what causes the Peyronie’s Disease. It manifests as penis curvatures. Your manhood bends upward or to the side. In most of the cases, a scar tissue – or plaque – is responsible for it. The cicatrice occurs because of trauma (bending or hitting), which leads to bleeding. You may not even see it, considering that it happens inside the penis. Then a scar will form: the plaque will harden, hampering flexibility and sometimes causing pain to the sufferer.

Who can get it? Statistics show that Peyronie’s usually appears in middle-aged men. But it’s not a rule, and younger and older males can get it, too. Some say that this condition is a normal part of aging! And heredity seems to be involved, as well. The symptoms can appear gradually or overnight. If some lucky men find a resolution fast – with the symptoms disappearing by themselves, other patients will need adequate treatment to overcome this ailment.

How will your doctor diagnose it? First of all, remember to report any injury that occurred before the appearance of the curvature. Then your GP will inspect it carefully and exam the hardened tissue that triggers the bend. Perhaps they will have to inject a medicine to promote your erection. If they think it’s necessary, you will also get ultrasounds or an X-ray.

The best treatment for Peyronie’s Disease is SizeGenetics. You don’t have to go under the knife, nor ingest chemical pills that could affect your overall wellness! Just wear the penile extender as instructed on the label and you will eliminate any curvatures in no time. Pay attention and don’t extend the period of treatment more than you should. You might want to accomplish the results sooner, but excessive use will increase the chance for side effects.

How to use SizeGenetics

It’s a common concern of the consumers who purchase this medical type one device from SizeGenetics store. How to wear it correctly? Do you have any restrictions whatsoever? First of all, you should read the instructions published on the label. Use the components to assemble it. Adjust it to the size of your penile shaft. Regardless your size, it will fit perfectly. Attach the parts to the base and tip of your sexual organ and make sure that the ends are connected with the right bars and rings.

Stretch your dick daily and wear the product for 4-6 hours a day. If you aim for the best results, keep on using SizeGenetics for at least 4 months. Remember that the benefits appear gradually! In the first few weeks, you will observe significant changes in your appetite for sex. After a month, the episodes of erectile dysfunction will lessen.

But after 2 months of wearing it, you will already see with the naked eye that the penile length is bigger in both flaccid and erect state. Use the extender for 4-6 months, and you will gain inches in penis size. Therefore, SizeGenetics will improve the quality of your life, whether you wish to cure erectile dysfunction or enhance the dimensions of your organ.

Living with erectile dysfunction

You will be surprised to hear this. Over 80% of the male population experiences erectile problems every once in a while. The causes are various: fatigue, alcohol abuse, emotional problems, and relationship issues. It is something absolutely normal. But when the episodes occur more frequently, and they affect your mood or relation with your partner, you definitely have to do something about it.

Discussing with a sex therapist can prove to be effective. The primary cause of erectile dysfunction is, in most of the cases, psychological or emotional. But the poor blood flow can be to blame, too. Hence, you have to investigate it thoroughly if you want to get rid of ED.

You should not be embarrassed to consult your doctor. They will tell you everything you need to know about this delicate problem. If it’s anxiety performance or emotional problems cause it, you ought to come with your partner and benefit of the services of a sex therapist. The counseling will assist you to communicate better sexually. You will learn more about better sex and how to overcome certain situations. It will help you to lower the stress levels and how to get intimate properly. It’s not actually a surprise that sex therapy works in almost 50-70% of cases.

But if the cause of erectile dysfunction is a health condition or other physical factors, the doctor’s approach is meant to treat or alleviate the root of the problem. So, you will receive a medical prescription for Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis. In case you suffer from cardiovascular problems, you will not be allowed to use these pills. Why? Well, they elevate the blood pressure and can give you a heart attack.

Other libido-boosting capsules contain herbal-derived ingredients that are believed to be safe for your overall well-being. But statistics prove that these pills can give you side effects, too. You might get to perform more and better, and reduce the incidence of the erectile problems. However, you are likely to get headaches, flushing, excessively sweating, and even painful erections. What’s worse is that the so-called herbal pills often contain hidden components. So, you will ingest substances such as sildenafil and tadalafil, which are actually the active compounds from Viagra and Cialis.

The best solution for ED is SizeGenetics. It does not imply using risky pills, no negative effects whatsoever. All you have to do is just adjust it to your penile shaft and gradually increase the tension. As you will get used to the force, you have to stretch more and change the SizeGenetics parts. But don’t worry about the components! You will receive enough so that you can wear the extender in 58 different ways!

Before and after SizeGenetics

When you’re born with less than the desired penile size, you’ll always ask yourself how would your life be if things were different. Before hearing of SizeGenetics, you kept asking “what if…?” But now that you know that you can actually get bigger, you can finally be proud and feel better in your own skin.

Men with penises of all sizes are insecure. They think that their manhood is small, even though statistics show that they are average. And you know what? It's the truth, most guys dream of enlarging their dick. And after SizeGenetics, they get to see the world with different eyes! This highly comfortable stretcher will improve more than the penile length. It will boost the quality of their life and help them get rid of the micro penis syndrome.

Even if you don’t have a dick that’s smaller than the average, you will benefit from it. The medical type one device will straighten the penile and elongate it naturally. No chemicals or pain involved! Before SizeGenetics, you never dreamed that it could be possible. Why would you risk your health with invasive surgery and dangerous pills? Wear this extender for several hours a day, and in 4-5 months you will reach to the desired penis dimensions. The good news is that you can use the device even when you’re at work!

Can you really use it anywhere?

It’s small, discreet, and comfortable. Apply it on your shaft, then put on some ordinary clothes. Not even you can see the difference! SizeGenetics is so tiny that you can wear it anywhere and anytime. Just make sure you don’t forget about it! Whether you are at work, in your office, or on your way home, you can still workout your manhood with this no. 1 extender.

We know from some consumer reviews that the device can be worn even in the swimming pool. However, if you don’t like the idea, attach it to your penile before going to bed and let it work while you will be asleep. Shortly, you will see the results with the naked eye, and you will certainly enjoy the effects.

Are the results permanent?

Don’t interrupt your treatment. At the same time, be sure that you don’t use SizeGenetics more than it’s recommended. Workout for a few hours daily and remember that resting is just as important as exercising! Bodybuilders know this rule. When you lift weights for extended periods, you have to rest and allow your body to repair. It’s how muscles build! So, enjoy the rest, let the micro tears heal, and new cells will develop. The length of your manhood will enhance, and so will the girth.

After 6 months of treatment, you will gain at least 2 centimeters in penile length. You can stop now if you want. Especially when you see that you perform better, endurance is increased, and premature ejaculation has disappeared. The results accomplished with SizeGenetics are permanent, and they will not go away once you stop using the traction device.

Achieve the penis enlargement desired with SizeGenetics, and you will also promote the health of your reproductive system. It means that you will improve fertility and increase the semen production. The healing of tissues is encouraged, and the increased blood circulation will help eliminate the erectile problems.

On psychological levels, this treatment will offer amazing results! Because your sex life will improve, you will enhance your confidence. The occasional episodes of premature ejaculation will be gone, and you will gain a better control on your erection. On the long run, this male extender will treat erectile dysfunction naturally and assist you to reach to more intense intimacy levels.

Natural ways to cure ED

Always consult your doctor before following any treatment. They will consider your case thoroughly and prescribe you the best solution to banish erectile problems. Put your concerns away and discuss whether you should use natural or invasive solutions. How can you tell if herbal pills, penis pumps, creams, or surgery will work best for you?

And should you get them from a pharmacy, order them online? There are many things you should investigate when you want to achieve the male enhancement in the best possible way. As I already mentioned, pills will affect your health state and cause numerous side effects. The vacuum pumps will damage your nerves and blood vessels, doing more harm than good. Can you cure ED by changing your diet?

Surprisingly, it can help. Knowing that a poor blood circulation affects your performance, it means that curbing the alcohol intake and quitting smoking will assist you to fulfill your dream. Yes, you read that right! Obesity, diabetes, enlarge prostate gland, heart diseases, and tobacco use - they are actually the most common causes of ED. Hence, by changing them, you will succeed to alleviate the embarrassing problems in bed.

Exercise daily, drink less and stop smoking. Be more active and choose healthy eatables instead of junk food. You want to be a stud in bed? Then, you will consider this advice. Lose some weight, and you will enhance your overall well-being. Hit the gym, take the stairs, and walk the dog more often. Your mood will improve, as well, and your sex drive will elevate naturally.

Certain foods are known for boosting your mojo in a natural way. Have you ever heard of natural Viagra? Ginseng, Gingko Biloba, celery, watermelon, bananas, dark chocolate, strawberries, figs, red wine, oysters, walnuts, spinach, and avocado are among the best natural libido boosters. You don’t have to consume large quantities to obtain the effects desired. For an unforgettable experience, get a bottle of wine and some strawberries covered in dark chocolate. You will certainly smoothen your way to better sex!

What about penile surgery?

In the beginning, SizeGenetics was designed to assist the healing process in men who undergo penile surgery. But using the device alone was proved to be effective for male enhancement. So why would you go under the knife? Phalloplasty – or the surgical enlargement of the male sexual organ – implies cutting the ligament that connects the manhood with the pelvic bone, or implanting various substances in the dick.

When you want to lengthen the sexual organ through surgery, your doctor will actually reveal more of what’s hidden. So, a ligament at the base of your penile will be cut, making your dick look bigger than before. The side effects of this procedure include scarring, bruising, and the erection pointing down.

When your goal is to obtain a wider penis, the surgeon will inject or implant silicone, fat, or tissue grafts. But this procedure is controversial and risky. The substance inserted can resorb, forming lumps and asymmetries. Moreover, the sensitivity of your penile can be reduced, and the risk for erectile dysfunction is increased.

Now you probably think: SizeGenetics versus penile surgery. Consider the pros and cons! The costs? The surgery costs around $10,000, while this high-quality extender is only $399.95. If the surgical procedure involves many risks and complications, the stretcher is clinically proven to be 100% safe. Phalloplasty will give you a bigger penis in record time, while the medical device needs several months to enlarge your penile by inches. But when the surgery can harm your overall health and give you problems on the long run, SizeGenetics will enhance your overall health and assist you in feeling better in your skin.

What are the consumer reviews?

Numerous men tried the safest and most comfortable penile stretcher. Their positive consumer reviews prove that they were more than satisfied with the results obtained. Let’s be honest! The reviews of the customers help you determine whether to buy a product or not. When it has countless honest testimonials that reveal the advantages, you are encouraged to make the purchase.

Apart from being clinically tested and recommended by doctors, SizeGenetics is also available on the market for 20 years now. And it says a lot about the experience and dedication of this team! Just read the honest testimonials, and you will soon convince yourself that SizeGenetics really works. Regardless you aim to boost the performance in bed or augment the penis size, this medical device will meet and exceed your expectations.

If most men admitted they used it to get a few more inches in their manhood, others said that they wanted to get rid of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. The final thoughts? SizeGenetics will change your life. In their customer reviews, guys revealed that the results occur gradually. Yes, that’s true. Your penile will not grow overnight. But if you exercise your dick daily, as instructed in the DVD, you will definitely make your dream come true.

Why should you buy SizeGenetics?

Depression, anxiety, and relationship issues are common among men with erectile problems. Don’t let it affect you and your attitude towards your life partner! Order SizeGenetics and use it to enhance the quality of your life. Stop asking yourself whether it is a scam or fake. Consider the thousands of positive reviews and rely on their great experiences with this effective medical device.

Any erectile problems you might have, they will all disappear after a few months of treatment. Although you will have to use it regularly until you obtain maximum benefits, the truth is that impressive results will appear from the first week of use. How come? The increased blood flow and improved oxygenation of the tissues will boost your sexual performance. Premature ejaculation, performance anxiety, fear of having sex or occasional episodes of impotence – they all will be gone soon after getting SizeGenetics.

Where to buy the number one traction device

Don’t search it in pharmacies or hypermarkets, as you will not find it there. Get it from SizeGenetics official website if you want to benefit of exclusive discounts and special prices. If you buy it from a 3rd party, you may pay additional fees. Moreover, in case you purchase it from eBay or Amazon, perhaps you will not even receive the money back guarantee.

You heard that right! Only the manufacturer will provide you this assurance. Order the penis extender from SizeGenetics store, and it will be delivered to your address together with its 180-day money back guarantee. Are you worried about your privacy? This safe and efficient extender will be delivered in a discreet package that will not reveal what’s inside. Moreover, if you have any questions regarding your order, the device, or how to use it, a professional team will offer you their assistance 24/7.

Try the product for at least 4 months and give it time to work. Keep in mind that penis does not grow overnight, just like you cannot build sculptural muscles in just one day. However, with patience and diligence, you will add inches to your manhood and develop a healthy self-esteem.


You will love it immediately after receiving it. make sure you adjust it to your organ and wear it for a couple of hours a day in the beginning. Gradually increase the intensity of your workouts, just like you would lift weights in the gym. Remember that rest is just as important as exercise and use the cream and powder from the package to accelerate the appearance of the effect. The overall benefits provided by SizeGenetics?

  • It is 100% safe and effective
  • Zero side effects, thousands of satisfied customers
  • It comes with instructional DVD and additional products:
  • It enables 58 different ways to wear it, so it’s the most comfortable device available on the market
  • It is manufactured in USA and Denmark
  • It can be shipped worldwide
  • Discreet delivery
  • It will eliminate premature ejaculation
  • Improved sex drive
  • It treats erectile dysfunction
  • Enhanced sexual performances
  • You will gain a better control on your erections
  • Stronger orgasms and more impressive sensations in bed
  • Increased fertility and sperm motility
  • 180-day money back guarantee
  • 24/7 support from experts
  • It promotes the health of the reproductive system

You don’t have to waste considerable amounts of money on devices that will not work, nor on pills that will damage your well-being. Going under the knife isn’t the best decision, either. When you want to improve penis size safely, in the comfort of your home, SizeGenetics is your best option. Get now this medical type one device and fulfill your deepest desires!